Cold, blistery cold

Written By: erica - Monday•December•20•2004

It’s cold outside!! It was a lovely 13 (Fahrenheit) degrees outside yesterday! Not exactly weather where you want to be outside. Bryan and I decided to stay inside all day. It was a great day to stay inside and just be. Bryan worked on some collages for cards and I worked on my holiday cards. We also watched Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind for the fifth time. We were going to watch 21 Grams, there was a preview for Eternal Sunshine and Bryan said, “Let’s watch that instead.” I think we both were in more of an Eternal Sunshine mood than a 21 Grams mood. We needed a good laugh. :D

Saturday, we had another leisurely day. We went Bryan’s dad’s house to see his sister Alison, her husband Curt and their new daughter Paige. I gave Alison the Daydream sweater. I added buttons and a ribbon through the waist on Saturday morning. I have photos to post soon.

Today, at lunch, I managed to get about 6 rows of the hat to match the Daydream sweater worked. I still have about 3 1/2″ (9 cm) to do before the knitting is finished. I was hoping that I would have it finished in time to give it to Alison with the sweater, but I obviously didn’t leave myself enough time. It’s my priority at the moment.

On the Giraffe blanket, all of the giraffes now have spots! One of them has two legs and now the other three need legs. It took me about 1/2 an hour to sew on one leg, so it’s a project that will take a few nights to finish. I’m giving myself a deadline of January 5, since I want to get the baby hat finished soon.

In planning, I have a scarf for my nephew to do. I’m going to use some left over yarn that I have from a class and hopefully, get a scarf to him before it gets any colder. It’s going to be in Plymouth’s Encore Chunky, so it should go quickly. If I have enough yarn, I’ll make him a matching hat.

Stay warm everyone!

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