Knitting in lace

Written By: erica - Monday•April•25•2005

It’s amazing what a little lace shrug does for the confidence of a lace knitter. The Barbara shawl that has been haunting the knitting basket for more than two and a half years will probably be finished before the five year mark. You say that’s still two and a half years away, why yes it is my friends, but knitting on “A Good Bias” has given me the confidence, strength and stamina necessary to pick up Barbara again and work on her. Yeah, it takes only 30 minutes to knit one row and another 20 minutes to purl back, but I think it’s time to work on Barbara. And she has “A Good Bias” to thank for this. I may have a cashmere shawl before my third wedding anniversary. “A Good Bias” is a six-row lace repeat while Barbara has a 20-row lace repeat, which is really 10 rows of purling included.

I’m about five lace repeats from finishing the knitting part of “A Good Bias.” Then I have the pleasure of Kitchener stitching about 76 stitches together. That will be a night where I want absolutely NO distractions! I’m going to give it to my sister when my mom is here in a couple of weeks.
Update: I’ve put together a small tutorial for grafting lace without using Kitchener stitch. You can find it here.

The Pink Retro Rib socks are finished. Yes, indeed. I finished them last night. It was a joyous occasion because when I finally Kitchener stitched the toe together, it was actually the second time I had “finished” the toe. I hadn’t read the pattern and I was so excited to finish the second sock that I stopped at 32 stitches and Kitchener stitched the toe together. Then I realized that in fact the toe was entirely too short compared to sock number 1. So I had to undo all of the Kitchener stitch, put the stitches back on the needle, knit the remaining four or five rows to get to 16 stitches, then rework the Kitchener stitch. They are finished, that’s what counts. I can’t wait to wear them on Thursday and show them off to my class. I noticed when I tried them on to take the photo, they feel quick lovely.

Of course, my sock obsession continues. Not even an hour after I finished the pink Retro Rib socks did I cast-on for a new pair of socks. I bought some Regia yarn for Bryan on Saturday.
His socks will be blues, greys and more greys. They are guy socks through and through. To make them more interesting than just straight stockinette stitch for what seems like 500 rows, I’m doing a modification of the Retro Rib on the cuff since Bryan complained that the other socks I made for him didn’t stay up. I’m going to do the ribbing on the cuff and then plain stockinette for the foot. He doesn’t wear shoes like I do where I care about the top of the instep. They look nice so far, I’ve worked 8 rows of the cuff.

After I finish “A Good Bias,” I’m starting my Clapotis. I know it seems like everyone has made one, but I have to join in the fun on this one. Several weeks ago, I asked for votes for which yarn I should use for the Clapotis, I’ve made my decision and you’ll see it in future posts when I start it. I can’t wait to see how it knits up.

My spinning is coming along fabulously. Last week, I plied my first yarn together and it looks great.

I got my niddy-noddy on Friday and wound it into a hank. (photo later) I have to say, I am quite impressed with myself.

And we can’t forget to mention the Georgie-cat today. He was practicing his lumbar support pose in the green chair at lunch today. I have no idea how he was comfortable laying like this but he apparently was.

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