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Written By: erica - Monday•December•17•2007

I’ve never been one to have a knitting schedule until now. Holiday knitting wasn’t even on my list until just a few days ago. A bit of a late start but this one sock can definitely be accomplished in a set amount of time. I started the sock on Friday and decided that I need to knit one lace repeat per day to finish it by Christmas Eve. The second sock will be finished after Christmas but I just wanted to have something for the receipient to open on Christmas Day. It’s a bit maddening to realize that what seems like a completely do-able task (one 12-row lace repeat) can quickly get away from you.

I promised photos in the last post but it took me a few days to gather everything up for photos. Finally, photos are taken and posted. I’ve been on break officially now for seven days and I’ve been keeping myself very busy. This week I’m hoping is a bit less crazy and that I can settle in for some good knitting.

Waving Lace Sock
Waving Lace sock. Sock one is finished, sock 2 not even started. The needles are being occupied by another pair of socks that are a gift that must be completed first.

Tweedy Vest. This is the vest that I started on Thanksgiving Day. The back is finished and I haven’t started the front. The yarn I’m using is a bit different than the pattern calls for so I’ve basically reworked the pattern for my yarn’s gauge and my own rib pattern of k1, p2, k3, p2, which doesn’t show up well in the photo. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed.

Martha cardigan
Martha cardigan. I made a lot of progress on Martha in November finishing one front in a matter of two weeks. The vest distracted me with the possibility of finishing it in a few weeks and the above-mentioned gift socks have been a distraction from Martha and the vest. The first sleeve on Martha is coming along well thanks to some serious knitting group knitting in the last two weeks.

My invitation for Ravelry arrived last week and I’ve tried very hard not to get completely sucked in. There is so much to it that I haven’t even full explored. A few projects have been entered but that’s about it. I could see it being a true time warp site. If you’re floating around Ravelry drop me a message (libraryknitr).

Finally, my friend S sent me this article about the Sock Wars. I thought it sounded great but a bit too competitive and crazy for me personally. I really admire people who participate in things like this.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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