Depapering the walls

Written By: erica - Sunday•September•11•2011

We turned in our home study notebook about two weeks ago. Since then we’ve been working to get our house ready for the home visit. My dad repaired some large holes in the stairwell that goes up to the attic. We were very thankful for his knowledge of repairing plaster. Last weekend, we decided to start stripping wallpaper in our office and  future nursery. We had a grand plan that it wouldn’t be a big deal – we would strip it on Saturday and Sunday, relax on Labor Day and then paint this weekend. Well, the universe had other plans for us.

B scrapping wallpaper

The wallpaper has been a real saga. First there was not one but two layers of wallpaper, one of which had been primed over to prepare for the newer wallpaper. So we were able to tear off one layer, then had to score and saturate the wall again to peel off the top of the second layer of wallpaper, and finally saturate and peel off the bottom of the second layer. It’s been a process I hope never to have to repeat but it’s one of the joys of living in an old house. Fortunately the layers of wallpaper that were here when my great-grandmother lived here are gone. What’s made the process difficult are the areas of the walls where the old wallpaper looks like it had some sort of drywall repair material put over the wallpaper. At times we’ve sworn it was attached with super glue. We’re in touch with my cousin who is a painting expert and we hope he can help us.

Scrapping wallpaper
Our plans are to paint next weekend but we’ll see. We have to be finished with it by our home visit on September 30. After this room, we’re done with projects around the house for a bit. Outlet covers are a simple task compared to the wallpaper stripping. We’ve also moved our old table, our bed headboard and dresser to a consignment shop. My aunt’s furniture just doesn’t fit our style and we need the money for the adoption fund.

I’m working on an adoption fundraiser that I hope to be able to promote in the next few weeks. We’d love your help.

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