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Written By: erica - Sunday•December•18•2011

It’s been a while since I gave you a full adoption update. All of our cleaning and repairing and painting paid off. Before our adoption home study visit the house was probably the cleanest it had been in 80 years. We even cleaned out and cleaned up the basement.
Office painted
We finished painting the office a week before our home study visit. After the office was painted my dad brought over the rocking chair that my mom used to rock me when I was a baby. I’ve always loved the chair. We’ve moved all of our furniture back into the office from the family room (we couldn’t take the printer on the coffee table any longer) and it feels like the office only better. And it’s ready for a baby conversion whenever we need it.

On September 30, we had our home visit for the adoption home study. The social worker R was running late due to traffic which gave us some extra time to gather ourselves and drink some tea. By the time she arrived, we were both feeling pretty relaxed and were excited about the home visit. The visit consisted of two interviews, first one with us together, then we were each interviewed separately about things we’d written in our autobiographies. Then we gave R a tour of our house. When she first came in she commented on how much she loved our living room and she kept telling us how much she loved our house, especially our family room with all of the windows. (It’s our favorite room, too.) Then she told us what we should emphasize in our profile book since we’re both such creative people.

October, we spent taking a couple of online classes for us to be part of the domestic agency adoption program, working on the profile book and building raised beds for the garden.
Bryan and Dad shoveling compost into raised beds
Bryan, my dad and I spent a day building four raised beds. Sinking the posts in the ground was one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of the process. Everything had to be level and we spent hours trying to get the beds just right. We didn’t think our yard sloped that much until we tried to put the bed posts in the ground. Then the next few weekends, Bryan and my dad shoveled composted horse manure into the beds. It was definitely the “highlight” of Bryan’s October! haha. There were jokes flying as we were shoveling like, “What did you do this weekend? Well, if it didn’t involve a huge heap of horse manure, it wasn’t fun.” And “Who needs dinner and a movie when you can shovel horse manure for a perfect Saturday night!” Once the beds were finished we were very happy with how they turned out. I immediately planted what seemed like an enormous amount of onions. So we’ll see how they turn out. We may have two onions or we could have more than we know what to do with.

Photo for profile book

One of the really nice things about working on our profile was it gave us an excuse to ask someone to take some nice photos of us, which my mom was kind enough to do.

On November 7, our home study was approved, which meant we could move into the next phase of our adoption. Also in November, we finished our profile book and had the books printed. They are beautiful. You can view our adoption profile book on Mixbook. We also put together our online profile that’s connected to our agency. Please share either one or both of these profiles with your friends and anyone you know who may be considering adoption. Help us spread the word!

Also in November, we took two infant classes – infant and child CPR and newborn care. The newborn care class came just a day before I visited one of my dear friends for several days who had a then two-month old in her house. 100_0981
It was really cool to be able to share some of what we learned in our class and she assured me that swaddling does in fact help calm a baby along with the “magic” exhaust fan over the stove.

My parents also have taken a newborn care class for grandparents, so we’re all up-to-date on our newborn info, we’re just waiting for a newborn to try out our techniques on.

Just before Thanksgiving we were listed as officially waiting adoptive parents.

At the end of November, we listed our fundraiser here and had an overwhelming response.
Produce bags
If you’re interested in purchasing bags, please leave a comment on the Adoption Fundraiser post. So far we’ve sold over 55 sets of bags and I’m expecting to deliver bags ordered now (after December 18) in late January/early February. We have been so blessed to have friends who shared the link with friends.

I’ve been asked many times how I’m handling the wait and I just say, “I’m sewing and keeping busy getting bags ready.” I honestly haven’t thought much about the wait as we’re just trying to enjoy having time together, reading, sewing and Bryan’s doing some writing and collages. We know that once we are matched with a baby and expectant mother/birthmother our lives will never be the same so we’re enjoying this time while we have it.

We’re staying in Kansas for Christmas, spending it with my family.

We hope you all have a blessed holiday and a very happy new year. I’ll keep you updated about our journey here.

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  1. Sandy Sullivan says:

    Sounds like you both have been so busy! Thanks for sharing all with us! Love the raised beds! You will reap the rewards next summer! Know good things are coming around the corner…….