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Written By: erica - Tuesday•March•06•2012

Stack of 13 sets of bags ready for shipping
Thank you to all of you who have ordered bags and are ordering bags. When the idea of sewing these produce bags woke me up at 3am the day after Labor Day, I thought we’d be lucky if we received 10 orders. I’d made several bags for us and for a friend. A couple of months later, we finally listed our fundraiser on the blog and Facebook. In September, we were still preparing for our home study. In October and November, we were preparing our profile book. Monday, November 28th is the day that changed our lives. We didn’t want to get our hopes up when we posted it but I remained optimistic thinking 10 orders would make me happy. Ten orders came in in the first hour. By the time I went to bed at 10:45pm that night we’d received orders for 22 sets and I could no longer guarantee delivery by Christmas. Tuesday, November 29, I was off work since I’d worked the weekend and the orders kept coming in. Thirty-seven to be exact.
Basket of freshly washed bags
As word spread through family and friends and friends of friends, we’ve realized how truly blessed we are. Today, I sent off 13 sets (65 bags) to people that I have never met. They are generous and kind enough to order bags all from blog post written by Gail, a friend of a dear friend of mine.
Assembling sets for shipping
So why am I writing this post? Well, we (Bryan and I) wanted to thank everyone for your very generous support so far on our adoption fundraiser. To date we’ve sold more than 100 sets of bags. I’ve become very comfortable in my sewing area upstairs and have listened to more books than I ever thought I could listen to in a week.

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    Much love friends!