Surgery and gardening

Written By: erica - Monday•June•11•2012

On May 10, I had an abdominal surgery which has kept me home for the last month from work and I’ll be home for probably another two or three weeks. I have been keeping myself busy reading, watching DVDs and wasting too much time on Facebook. The first week and a half after my surgery, I struggled to read for more than a page or two. The pain meds made me feel really cloudy and I couldn’t remember what I’d read 10 minutes prior. It was a bit frustrating but I found other ways to occupy myself. My mom came over every day to stay with me for the first several weeks, which was wonderful. She drove me to the park to walk and we ran errands. Today was a big accomplishment, it was my first day driving by myself. At first I was so nervous I could hardly get myself to get in the car but once I got going it really was like riding a bike. I’m probably a bit more cautious than normal but I think that’s not a bad thing.

Bee in the lavender
In my time home the gardens have flourished. The lettuces, spinach and chard we planted in March have been keeping us stocked with greens, including our favorite Freckles lettuce.

Forellenschluss (Freckles) lettuce Lettuces

About a week after my surgery, a dear friend and her daughter came over to help Bryan plant our vegetable gardens in the raised beds. The tomatoes are doing well and the peppers are limping along a bit. Sometimes it just takes some plants a bit longer to adjust, plus we’ve been having such hot weather without a lot of rain. The flowers that I’ve planted over the last few years continue to amaze me and make me smile each day.

Shasta daisies Asiatic lilies

In adoption news, we’re still waiting. We’ve sent our profile to a couple of attorneys around the state and have posted our profile on a national website. We’ll see what happens. At the moment, I’m focused on healing. Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, so far.

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  1. Flower Pot says:

    Nice friends to help with the raised beds…hope your recuperation goes well!